Support Show-Me Hemp Association

We want your help to support the development of the hemp industry in the Midwest. We would very much appreciate you donating to our cause to network and communicate with those in the industry and bring the market to you.

We hope you will support SMHA and our efforts in uniting the hemp industry.

What We Stand For

    • We believe hemp is one of the best opportunities the agriculture industry has ever seen with its potential to affect numerous industries and create profits for growers and businesses.
    • We want to help growers be successful in growing a hemp crop and we want to make sure they can find markets for their products.
    • We want growers and businesses to work together and share knowledge to improve this industry.
    • We want to see less regulatory restrictions to make it more feasible for our growers and businesses to operate.
    • We support the One Voice for AgTM movement. We want the whole industry to unite and speak with one voice to help move this industry forward.
    • We believe hemp is great for our environment and will be key to cleaning up our soils from harsh agricultural practices.

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