Our Partners

AgMaxx Inc. Logo

AgMaxx, Inc.

AgMaxx exists to help the American farmer be more successful. Their goal is to help farmers make money, save money, and save time by working with their products and services.

AgMaxx believes hemp is the best agricultural opportunity in recent memory, and is spending a great deal of time and effort to help develop the hemp industry.

Phone: (816) 773-6018
Website: www.agmaxx.com

Midwest Hemp Association Logo

Midwest Hemp Association LLC

This mission of Midwest Hemp Association is to support the growth of the U.S. hemp industry with technology and market development. Their vision is to create the future of the U.S. hemp industry through strategic partnership.

Phone: (573) 338-6000
Website: www.midwesthempassn.org


Cape Law Firm PLC

Cape Law Firm, PLC was built to serve the people and businesses in the Ag sector.  It’s one thing to advise clients about the law – it is another thing entirely to understand how the law actually plays out in your business.  Joel Cape’s background has been in agriculture his whole life and has an understanding of how business, law, and agriculture fit together and that is what sets his firm apart and delivers value to his clients.

Cape Law Firm, PLC has a passion for finding solutions to tough problems in the business of agriculture including hemp.  Joel offers common sense solutions for his clients’ toughest problems with a common sense approach.

Phone: (479) 856-6008
Fax: (479) 856-6288