One Voice for Ag

Show-Me Hemp Association LLC is driving the One Voice for AgTM movement in the hemp industry. We believe it is imperative that the industry join together to speak with one voice and work together for the common good. A divided industry cannot grow, and this is an industry with immense potential for growers, businesses, and end users of hemp products.

One Voice for AgTM Beliefs in the Hemp Industry

  • We believe the most important thing for this industry is to speak with one shared voice
  • By working together, we can grow this industry and help it reach its potential
  • We want to see regulations loosened to make hemp production less of a risk for potential growers and processors
  • We believe that shared knowledge and experiences are the best way to educate our industry

What Show-Me Hemp Association and One Voice for AgTM Do

To promote the One Voice for AgTM movement, SMHA has been working to bring other groups and associations into the movement. All SMHA members get to be a part of the movement to push this industry forward.

SMHA is also working with the Mid-America Organic Association on a three-day event, comprised of two separate conferences and a joint reception with Missouri legislators, to provide education and networking opportunities for their respective industries.

Get Involved

To get involved with One Voice for AgTM, you simply need to be a part of one of the groups pushing the movement. Become a member of Show-Me Hemp Association today to join the movement!

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